Um, Anna Kendrick may have gone a little nuts with her Christmas cookies

Awesome actress and singer Anna Kendrick may not take her stardom too seriously, but we now know of one things that she doesn’t play games about. The Pitch Perfect star is a mean Christmas cookies cutting machine, and totally excited about it. Anna posted a picture of her holiday goodness on Instagram that would put any Girl Scout to shame, and we need the recipe… STAT!

We totally understand Anna’s excitement. If our cookies looked half this good pre-baking, we’d totally be celebrating, too!

Gingerbread men, stars and trees galore! Anna shared her awesome Christmas cookies on her Instagram feed!

Talk about having a run for our money. Seriously… this is how baking looks for us…

…compared to how we imagine baking looks for Anna. If she’s not perfect IRL, she’s definitely perfect in our heads.

From acting, to singing and now baking? What can’t she do?! We can only imagine that a holiday party at the Kendrick’s house is the most anticipated event of the year. She’s definitely got the entertainment and grub aspects handled.

And as for the cookies, we sure hope Anna finds it in her heart to post an after picture of her final creation. They look amazing!

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