There’s a chapter in Anna Kendrick’s book called “boys and the terror of being near them” and we relate SO MUCH

If there were high school year book style superlatives for celebrities, Anna Kendrick would definitely be “Most Relatable.” From her uber familiar tales of 20s dating woe that we wish we didn’t get on the deep level that we do to her never-ending realness in the way that she carries herself and interacts with fans, she’s basically what we all think we would be like if we somehow became super talented and ended up famous. Her upcoming book Scrappy Little Nobody, due out November 15th (just in time to be your holiday travel buddy), obviously isn’t out yet, but the peaks we keep getting of it confirm what we already knew — we ARE Anna Kendrick, okay? Or Anna Kendrick is us. WHO KNOWS.

A recent Instagram from the actress shows a chapter of the book entitled “boys and the terror of being near them.” Oh my god, girl, we get you. We get you SO much.

We all know the quiet pain and suffering of the dating world, which seems to be an increasingly scary and uncomfortable place. In fact, we know this terror when we’re not even dating — how do you make male friends without worrying about giving them the wrong message? How do you KEEP your male friends when they eventually ask you out and then hate you when you say no? How do you not lose faith in humanity reading all of the misogynistic vitriol your male friends post about Hillary Clinton!? (Just asking for a friend.)

We can’t WAIT to get our hands on Scrappy Little Nobody. Somethingggg tells us it’s going to be like reading our own personal diary, only with fewer typos, and infinitely more interesting.

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