Anna Kendrick, Billy Eichner, and James Corden sang all about growing up in this epic mashup

Thanks to hits like Hamilton, we’ve got Broadway fever. That’s why we’re thankful that Anna Kendrick, Billy Eichner, and James Corden sang a medley of tunes on The Late Late Show about a topic we’re all familiar with — growing up. Could their hit make it to Broadway? Maybe, with a bit more practice… but, we have a feeling that these three funny people have a pretty packed schedule as-is, to make such a venture happen.

The medley includes 14 songs, all performed within one take. All in all, the “musical” spans just a bit more than five minutes, which is even more impressive. In order to introduce the project, Corden goes ahead and quotes Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

When you watch and see what happens next, you’ll realize how appropriate that is.

So, wow. Pretty impressive, right?

We’re trying hard to pinpoint our favorite part. It could have been the graduation scene, with fun’s “We Are Young” — or, maybe it was the “Girl On Fire” ending. Of course, we can never deny loving a solid mention of The Lion King.

Or, maybe it was the Adele song. Or, the Madonna song. Oh gosh, we just can’t choose.

This musical, in all honesty, had everything.

Kudos to James Corden for creating yet another incredible segment that truly showcased the talent he brought on his show! The Late Late Show is seriously turning into a must-watch, and we have to give him a ton of credit for that.

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