Anna Kendrick’s simple blue dress has a cool surprise in the back

Some people are full of surprises, especially in Hollywood. We love a good ~wow~ moment, which is why Anna Kendrick’s totally backless dress surprised and delighted us as she took to the New York streets this week. This look is very Anna — casual, cute and classic in the front — and then wham, something a little edgy and unexpected when you least expect it. This dress is basically the clothing equivalent of that breakout moment in Pitch Perfect where she comes out of nowhere and rap battles Adam Devine and crew by herself. Anna knows what works for her and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

No back? No problem! This cut-out and crazy scoop neck dress is working for us. Will we be seeing this trend more when the weather warms up?

It’s a little goody school-girl in the front, but wait for it —

Anna is no stranger to the blackless look. She’s worn some gorgeous gowns in the past that have flaunted her toned back and shoulders in various ways. Like this crushed velvet blue number at the Trolls premiere:


And this short green metallic dress at a gala event in 2013:


Not to mention her stunning gown at the premiere of the movie adaptation of the indie two-person musical The Last 5 Years:


When you find your look, you stick to it; just ask the Kardashian family how they feel about wearing all black. Anna’s open back habit is one that we support and admire; it adds edge, grace and a good, healthy dose of sultry femininity to any look. While we have no idea where Anna was off to in her plunging-back dress and long sleeve tee, we want this trend kick-started, asap.

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