Anna Faris still isn’t sure what these emojis mean, and she has a point

ICYMI, Anna Faris is in The Emoji Movie, which hit theaters yesterday, July 28th. But, Anna Faris still isn’t sure what certain emojis mean, reported Entertainment Weekly, and she has a point. After all, some can be confusing, right? Like how many people have mistaken the poop emoji ? for a twirled ice cream cone?! Or the eggplant one for actual eggplant ??! And how often do you accidentally send someone the ~wrong one~?!

Btw, in The Emoji Movie, Faris plays code breaker Jailbreak, who’s pretty jaded, and she teams up with Gene, the “meh” emoji (T.J. Miller) ?, who has trouble sticking to one expression. (First-world emoji problems, amirite?!)

Here’s a peek at Jailbreak and Gene’s adventurous relationship in The Emoji Movie. In this clip, they’re joined by Hi-5, too, played by none other than James Corden.

Super adorbs! Now, without further ado, here are the emojis that Faris is not too sure about ?, according to Entertainment Weekly. Tbh, we can DEF relate, and maybe you can, too!

1Dancing Lady

“I have a bunch of friends that keep sending me that one and I’m like, ‘Are…are…are you happy? Do you want to come over? What’s happening? Are we going to the club?’


“We should not abuse or misunderstand this beautiful fruit, and certainly not misconstrue it for any other thing than the beautiful fruit that it is.

3Party Hat

“Does it mean that we are going to have a great time in our lives? What’s happening? Because I’m a mom, and I’m not going out to the clubs — and I hate my birthday.

4Thinking Face

“Do you think that’s only sent by men? I just don’t know if a woman would send me that. It feels a little bit like a player sent you that or somebody who wants you to feel confused. And they want to demand answers out of you without giving up any of their own.

5Winking Face

“It’s vague. Like, I’m glad I sort of charmed you, but this is also a baffling face. I think it means someone’s placating me.


Lots of other celebs round out The Emoji Movie cast, too, including but not limited to, Maya Rudolph as Smiler, Jennifer Coolidge as Mary Meh, and Patrick Stewart as Poop (!).

As you probably know, offscreen, nearly everyone seems to use emojis these days, which makes the film super relatable.

“When you’re trying to make an animated movie, the best thing is to find that familiar thing everyone’s familiar with but no one really thinks about in this way, director Tony Leondis told Entertainment Weekly about The Emoji Movie. “From my niece to my grandmother, they send emojis. It connects us. In this technological world, we still find ways to connect as human beings, and I think that’s what emojis do.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer for the movie, here you go. This one has almost 12,000,000 views alone, yet there are many different trailers online, all with millions and millions of views! So, it just goes to show that people LOVE all things emoji! ?

Since emojis are so popular IRL, so to speak, we have no doubt the movie will be a hit, too. In fact, brb as we go get tickets!