Anna Faris is tweeting hilarious behind-the-scenes House Bunny details for the movie’s 10-year anniversary

It’s hard to believe, but The House Bunny is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The movie remains one of our go-to comedies whenever we need a smile, and most of the cast went on to become major stars (Anna Faris, Emma Stone, Katharine McPhee, Kat Dennings, to name just a few), and in honor of the movie’s 10th birthday, several of those stars are sharing fun memories and photos from the set, reminding us why it’s still one of our top picks for movie night a full decade later.

Faris took to Twitter to share some never-before-heard facts about the film. For example, she originally had a very different idea for her character’s backstory, and she and the creative team had to pitch the movie 24 times before it got greenlit.

Faris also shared some tidbits about Shelley’s wardrobe, which was notoriously pink, glittery, and over-the-top. She revealed she survived more than 70 costume changes, joking, “if anyone wants to do the math for me please do.” And all these years later, Faris still has five pairs of Shelley’s sky-high shoes, though she says, “I’ve forgotten how to walk in them, and I’m afraid I’ll fall if I try.”

The Unqualified host also revealed that the infamous scene where she meets the girls and puts on a seriously creepy horror-movie voice was all improvised, recalling, “at the last minute, the director told me to do a funny voice as I was introduced to the sorority girls and that’s what came out of my mouth.” She added, “the shock on the girls’ faces is very real.”

McPhee also celebrated The House Bunny‘s 10-year anniversary, sharing two cast photos and writing, “it’s been 10 years today and the eyes are STILL the nipples of the face.”

Dennings shared hilarious photos of her character’s bonkers style, writing, “The House Bunny is 10 years old, unlike my #LEWKS which are ageless.”

She also shared alternate (and arguably, incredibly sexist) movie posters from the film, which was originally titled I Know What Boys Like before its release.

Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Karen McCullah Lutz, who wrote the movie, took to Twitter to honor the occasion, sharing hilarious memes and photos.

And lastly, Smith joked about Faris’s whole “meth addict angle,” while also teasing a sequel.

It doesn’t seem like there are any plans for a House Bunny 2 at the moment, but with so many beloved films getting the reboot or sequel treatment right now, we wouldn’t be surprised (or mad) if it did.

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