Anna Faris gives son acting lessons, Internet melts

There are major advantages to having an actor for a parent, like when they decide to give you lessons in their craft. Little blonde cutie Jack Pratt, the son of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, is apparently getting a leg up in the acting world.

When Faris was on Conan O’Brien last night, she talked about her kid and revealed that she’s a bit of a penny pincher, so her version of childproofing was just tying the cabinets together with some kitchen twine. Looks effective!

She also jokingly said she’s totally encouraging Jack to get into acting because she needs a “backup plan” in case her series Mom gets canceled. “Why else do you have ’em?” she asked with a giant shrug, causing O’Brien to burst into laughter.

So Faris brought along a video of her teaching her son a trick she learned on the set of her “classic” movies, Scary Movie (1, 2, 3 & 4 – of course!): how to be scared.

There’s something unbearably cute about a three-year-old (wearing a pair of goggles!) acting like he’s afraid of a fake bug. Jack really nails it! Watch him in the video below and try to tell us he’s not a future Oscar nominee, or at least lead actor in the next


(Image via YouTube)