Bless you, Anna Faris, for tweeting the shirtless pics your husband, Chris Pratt, sends you

When it comes to sharing the intimate details of their personal lives, most celebs say they prefer to keep things under wraps. Fair enough and kudos to them. But for those of us who can’t contain our curiosity, thankfully we’ve got a gal like Anna Faris who never wants us to miss out.

Never one to keep us out of the loop on what’s going on with her husband (the world’s bae), Faris recently shared a shirtless photo of Chris Pratt on Twitter that might have been meant for her eyes only.

Warning: The image you are about to see has high levels of testosterone and muscles not suitable for anyone who isn’t already seated in a chair. You ready?


Now, most celebrity spouses might not be up for sharing such a pic, but we all know Anna’s not like most celeb spouses. She shared the photo with her 500,000 Twitter followers because she KNOWS we need it in order to get through the rest of our week like this:

Hats off to Anna Faris and the good work she does for the social media community. The world oughta have more people like her.