Anna Faris said she knew she’d be engaged to Chris Pratt seven months before he proposed

Looks like she had a hunch that they’d end up with a happily ever after. After meeting on the set of the movie Take Me Home Tonight, Anna Faris knew that Chris Pratt would propose months before he actually did. It looks like Pratt wasn’t as stealthy with the clues as he probably figured.

Faris opened up about the engagement on the most recent episode of her podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified.

"We had talked about getting married and were living together," Faris said. "One day I found a bag from a jeweler of the floor of his truck, so I knew something was coming."


 After finding the bag, Faris had to wait seven months for Pratt to find the right moment to pop the question. It eventually happened on her birthday. But, he was carrying the ring for quite some time overseas before getting down on one knee.

"My whole family took all of us to Italy and apparently he lugged [the ring] all around Italy and held on to it for a couple months," she said. "I think I knew for like, seven months, and so finally he asked me on my birthday."

That’s a lot of stress for a guy. But even though she knew it was (eventually) coming, she still tried to act surprised when it happened — which Pratt totally saw through.

The two got married in 2009, and have been going strong ever since. They had their son, Jack, in 2012. So, even though the engagement wasn’t a huge surprise, there have still been a ton of milestones and reasons to celebrate since the question was popped.

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