Anna Faris opened up about how the Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence affair rumors affected her

The day has finally arrived: Anna Faris’s book Unqualified has hit shelves. And because she’s all about being real, Faris opened up about the Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence rumors that were all over the internet last year (you know, the constant speculation that the Passengers costars were secretly in love).

Faris wrote that she and Lawrence are on good terms despite the awkwardness that went down, and her own feelings toward Pratt seem positive overall (she even dedicated the book to him, noting that his “wisdom and strength” have made her a better person).

However, that doesn’t mean the rumors didn’t hurt.

"Jennifer and I are really friendly, and she hadn't done anything wrong," Faris writes in the book. "She's awesome, but of course it's hurtful and also embarrassing when people are saying your husband is cheating on you — even if it's patently untrue. You still feel and look like a fool."

She then noted that when she first attempted to share her feelings of hurt with Chris Pratt, he initially responded with a simple, “Why are you even paying attention to that?”

However, she went on to note that Pratt did eventually begin to see why such gossip — no matter how unsubstantiated — got under her skin. We completely understand how these kind of rumors would negatively affect a relationship, no matter what the circumstances.

Perhaps Faris’s wisest words came with her assessment on love in general:

"Heartbreak and rejection are communal. Love is life's greatest mystery and wildest adventure. God, that's so f**king corny."

LOL. Yes — true indeed.

You can pick up Unqualified in stores or online now.