Anna Faris Is Funny And Has A Weekly Sitcom To Prove It

I’ll admit it. I wasn’t really into Anna Faris’ dumb-blonde schtick at first. All doe-eyed and animatronic, like one of those Fembot babes from Austin Powers. The over-exaggerated facial expressions, the fart jokes, the dudely dude-isms. Her appeal was lost on me, for sure.

But then one day, I found myself watching What’s Your Number with a gay male friend. Certain folks in certain circles had admitted it was pretty funny, but to my surprise, my friend was so smitten with Faris after seeing it the first time that he was willing to see it again, just so I’d give her a second chance. (I mention that my friend is a gay male because of the fact that Faris, 36 and smokin’, spends the majority of the movie in her underwear, so it’s no wonder that a straight male would take one for the team in this instance. My friend’s homosexuality only serves to speak to her character.)

So anyways, it was great. I laughed. A lot. And I found myself wanting to add Faris to my imaginary celebrity friend list in a hurry. And then I watched The House Bunny and I was like, “Awww. Emma Stone before she was EMMA STONE!” But I was also like, “Anna Faris is actually really funny in a way that a lot of actresses aren’t.” (Fun fact: She also produced both What’s Your Number and The House Bunny.)

Anyways, Vulture recently sat down with Faris to talk about Mom, her new sitcom with Allison Janney (whom I worshipped on The West Wing), and it seems like they had a blast and now I definitely want to add her to my imaginary celebrity friend list. (Consider her officially added.) Sipping wine by Faris’ pool after the “real” interview is done, they chat about fun things like asexual drunken nannies, Deep Throat, her wedding to the wonderful Chris Pratt and framed insects. Needless to say, I will definitely be watching Mom when it premieres, if only for this reason:

It IS amazing. And I can’t wait to see my new BFF in action. (I will likely be watching the show with my real life BFFs, btw, if that’s any consolation to people who may be thinking I’m delusional.)

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