Anna Faris just interviewed Chris Pratt’s on-screen love interests, is the coolest wife ever

I don’t know what rock I’ve been living under that I didn’t realize Anna Faris has a podcast, but she does, and it’s great. Anna Faris Is Unqualified welcomes weekly guests to talk about literally anything and everything, and yesterday’s episode featured Aubrey Plaza, real life friend of Anna and on-screen wife to Anna’s real-life husband, Chris Pratt, in Parks and Recreation.

Before the duo got into some seriously hilarious questions, Anna addressed the elephant in the room: Aubrey Plaza had to frequently make out with Pratt on screen. Anna gets asked about this kind of thing a lot, but actually, April and Andy have one of her favorite relationships. “I feel like it’s only really weird when other people think that it’s really weird,” Anna admits. “Then I get nervous and I think ‘Wait, am I supposed to feel like it’s more weird than it is?’”

Turns out, Aubrey gets the same kinds of questions. “Yeah, I mean,” she begins. “Cause I’m in a relationship. People always ask my boyfriend, like, how he feels.”

“What does he say?” Anna asks.

“He’s kind of like, you know, that’s her job. It’s not weird. I think if you don’t understand that then it’s probably hard to be in a relationship with someone that’s an actor.”

This wasn’t the only on-screen love interest of her husband’s that Anna spoke to. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence called in from the set of Passengers, in which they share a love scene. Chris immediately points out the weirdness of this phone call.

“Who else can say that they are on the phone with Anna, my real wife; Aubrey, my TV wife; and, well,” he says to Jennifer. “You’re not my wife in this movie.”

Even if she was, it wouldn’t matter. Anna is super chill about it all. “Actors tend to be pretty charming people that can be easy to have crushes on,” she explains. “But I think if people kind of saw the true technical dynamic of it they would see how unromantic it can be sometimes.”

Take a listen to the episode over here!

(Image via Craig Barritt/Getty Images)