4 major reasons Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are ex goals

It wasn’t easy for anyone when news broke that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were calling it quits. But since the initial split, the two have proved that separation does not have to be an end-all, be-all experience. Faris and Pratt have shown us that exes can share amicability and friendship, and these two, who were once #CoupleGoals, are now #ExGoals. Everyone going through a breakup should take note.

So no, the dynamic duo are no longer an item. But after eight years, the love remains strong and that’s enough for us to keep the faith that love is in fact real.

1Pratt honored his commitment to write the foreward to Faris’ book.

Before the couple went their separate ways, Pratt agreed to write the foreward to Faris’ autobiography, Unqualified. Even after the split, Pratt kept his promise and shared nothing but love for Faris.

“Anna is an important part of my life and she always will be,” Pratt wrote. “Anna deserves this book. I can promise you it will be a great and interesting read. A face-first dive into the mind and person I spent one amazing decade with, and will, for the rest of my life, amicably co-parent a human.”

2They often talk about how they still love each other.

Faris told People earlier this month: “There is still so much laughter in our lives together, and he is so proud of me, still.” She said that they are still able to crack each other up post-separation.

She continued to say that they still love and adore each other, and she thinks they always will remain close friends.

3Pratt gave praise to Faris after her Emmy’s appearance.

Only about a month after the pair announced their split, TMZ approached Pratt about his ex’s recent Emmy presentation with costar Allison Janney.

“I know, she did great. Anna did an amazing job, man. She rules,” Pratt stated. “Her and Allison looked great. Go watch Mom on CBS!”

4They’re committed to co-parenting their son.

When both Pratt and Faris posted their respective announcements regarding their separation, both asked for privacy for the sake of their five-year-old son, Jack. Since then, sources have claimed that the two are planning to co-parent Jack from here on out.

Love is not dead between Pratt and Faris — it’s just taken a new form. Phew!