Anna Faris got to hold Allison Janney’s Oscar and apparently it’s “heavy as sh*t!”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to hold an Oscar? No, not the fake plastic statue your friend got for your Oscars watch party, but like, a real Oscars statue, the one that everyone dreams of getting at some point in their lives. Only a very exclusive group of select few people ever get to hold one, let alone own one, so it’s a mystery most of us will never get to experience for ourselves. But Anna Faris is here to let us all in on the secret: Oscars are “heavy as sh*t!”

The Mom star, over the moon for her co-star Allison Janney’s win for Best Supporting Actress for her role in I, Tonya last night, celebrated by posting the most adorable and hilarious Instagram photo holding onto that little gold man with the biggest smile on her face. And you can’t tell from the overjoyed look on her face, but apparently holding the Oscar was pretty difficult. Who knew those statues were so heavy?!

Faris wasn’t the only one to get a turn holding Janney’s Oscar — she passed it around to the whole cast and crew of Mom to take selfies with! So sweet. Before the table read this morning, the CBS comedy celebrated Janney’s win by surprising the newly-minted Oscar-winner with a touching party. Everyone toasted Janney with apple cider while Faris gave a speech, and Janney was given a 90 roses (for the 90th Oscars).

And the writer’s assistant who made Janney the T-shirt she’s wearing in the photos that reads “I survived awards season and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” with her I, Tonya bird on it deserves the biggest raise and promotion ever. Also, where can we get ours? That is the coolest T-shirt to hit the internet since Laura Dern’s “Feel the Dern” homage.

Major congrats to Janney for her big win — keep on celebrating and keep on sharing photos of the party! This content is truly Oscars gold.

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