Anna Delvey Is Trending Again and, This Time, It’s On Her Own Terms

The con artist is making post-jail time look chic, says she "deserves a second chance."

It seems fake heiress and criminal mastermind “Anna Delvey” has no desire to dim the spotlight she once lit, despite the world of scandals, debts, and jail time it brought her.

Delvey, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, posed for several years as a high society chica to gain access to elite members and inner circles around the world.

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She famously scammed her way into lavish hotel rooms, champagne and caviar dinners, and apparently even once talked her way onto a private jet, without spending a dime. Her antics were the inspiration for the hit Netflix series Inventing Anna, and sparked thousands of TikTok videos where people imitated her bizarre and made-up accent.

Sorokin was released from jail on October 7, 2022 and has been holed up in her Manhattan apartment on house arrest.

“I feel so sorry for whatever choices I made,” she now declares, in an interview with Jake Tapper for CNN. “I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

“But did you?” Tapper asks, with almost comical scrutiny.

Sorokin, who received jail time for overstaying her visa according to E! News, returned to New York City, the scene of many of her crimes.

Not missing a beat, she’s back in the same media circles which promoted her stories of grifting and deceit, attempting to tell her own version of what transpired. However this time, she’s sporting another pricey new fashion accessory: an ankle monitor.

“Choosing to stay in jail and trying to prove people wrong has to stand for something,” she adds. “I feel like I deserve a second chance.”

It’s a small response to justify why she spent over five years in various detention centers, instead of just returning to Europe where she was originally from.

Numerous articles depicting the timelines of Sorokin’s con artist tactics, and the Netflix series Inventing Anna resonate much more with the cult of “Anna Delvey” in America than it does across the pond.

Despite her statements to “make things right” and not repeat some of the stunts she pulled in the past, some speculate her new interviews and decision to remain stateside are more about riding the wave of fame, than a genuine desire to begin a new life.

Many have seen her posing for paparazzi and dressing in lavish outfits (complete with a scarf emblazoned with the initials A.D.) just to step outside for a few moments (or hang out the window sporting her signature specs). The scarf monogram alone leads us to believe that Sorokin still very much sees herself as her alter-ego.​

The con artist turned pop-culture icon seems to be enjoying her time back in Manhattan, despite being under house arrest.

“I can have visitors beyond just 1:30 p.m. on Thursdays,” she explained in an interview with The New York Times. “We’ll just see what I can do from here. I guess everybody will be coming to me.”

The socialite wannabe is also banned from social media, per the judge, but you can find plenty of “fake” accounts using her moniker. Ironic, isn’t it?

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