Anna Camp and Skylar Astin sing around their house all the time, and this should be “Pitch Perfect 4”

We have a pretty incredible suggestion for the Pitch Perfect series, if we do say so ourselves: Pitch Perfect 3 is being dubbed as “The Farewell Tour,” but what if it doesn’t have to end? Because, what if we came up with a brilliant idea for Pitch Perfect 4? And maybe, just maybe, we’re ready to clue you in on it.

You’ll recall that Anna Camp and Skylar Astin play Aubrey and Jesse, respectively, in the Pitch Perfect films. And you definitely remember that the two became an ~item~ off-screen while working on these movies, and tied the knot in 2016. Oh, and that they’re consistently adorable.

Astin, sadly, is nowhere to be seen in the third installment. But despite that, he and Camp have nothing but fond memories about their time together on the movies.

"Just because [Skylar] and Ben [Platt] and Adam [Devine] were not asked back for this third film, it doesn't mean that it takes anything away from the fondness that we have for all of the movies collectively as a whole," Anna Camp detailed to HelloGiggles. "Because the [movies] would never have been as successful as [they were] without him and the other two guys. This film is like an extension of those, is what I always say."

That sound you hear is our hearts melting. But wait, it gets better…

Camp said Pitch Perfect remains a big part of her life with Astin, in that it left a major — and aca-amazing — impact on their lives.

"We definitely are super cheesy and still sing crazy songs around the house all the time."

We told you we had the best idea ever for Pitch Perfect 4. Like, are you KIDDING?! Anna Camp and Skylar Astin singing together sounds like the absolute dream. The only thing is, we’d have to get the green light for a fourth film but, like, that’s just one *tiny* detail. With Camp and Astin’s vocal chops, the pitch (perfect) practically sells itself.

Pitch Perfect 3 is now in theaters.

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