We’re getting another film from the director of “The Love Witch”

It’s no shocker that we love The Love Witch. The technicolor, kitschy, surreal film features all our favorite things: incredible costumes, beautiful locations, magick, witchcraft, love, and a bit of darkness. The film is the lovechild of Anna Biller, who wrote, costumed, produced, and directed the movie. And now, we finally have something else to look forward to from the director, who just announced she’s working on her next project, “a Bluebeard movie.”

Basically, Anna’s next film is about a woman who marries a dangerous, possibly deadly man. Based on the “women in peril” movies of Hollywood’s golden age, this film explores the dangers hidden in man in a psychological, sociological, and literal way.

This film will be based on a novel, which Anna is keeping secret for now, that explores male violence from a female perspective. In the fairy tale of Bluebeard, a woman marries a wealthy man who she later finds out has six dead wives locked away in a hidden room. On her blog, Anna discusses the novel that serves as inspiration for the film. She says,

"What’s interesting about the novel is that it shows a strong woman, who never was interested in love before, being caught up in the web of a sociopath so deeply that she loses all of her free will. In terms of the research I did for the script, this is accurate: no matter how strong a person is, they can’t outsmart a sociopath or get them to change their ways."

As for the visuals, we can expect inspiration to come from classic films from the ’30s to the ’60s, ones that explore similar elements to this Bluebeard film. Think castles, rich velvets and brocades, shining candelabras, baroque accents, and “women in long nightgowns fleeing from brooding men. According to Anna, “This film will appeal to young women who are interested in darker romantic themes, and also to cinephiles, classic movie fans, and horror fans who are interested in seeing something especially visual and cinematic on the screen.”

While we don’t know any details about when this film will be released, we’re already hyped. We can’t wait to see what Ms. Anna Biller conjures up next.

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