“The Handmaid’s Tale” actress Ann Dowd described exactly how she felt when she won her Emmy

Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale has seen major success since its debut earlier this year. Set in a world where women have become second-class citizens, this drama hits close to home when factoring in today’s political climate.

The Margaret Atwood-inspired TV series, which is as poignant as it is disturbing, has earned applause from viewers across the country. That’s why it’s no surprise that actress Ann Dowd won an Emmy for her outstanding performance! Dowd plays villainous Aunt Lydia in the dystopian world. She’s a character who acts as a tool for the system that oppresses women.

The Handmaid’s Tale has celebrities even questioning their own definitions of feminism and is opening up an important narrative for American society. In Gilead and in the United States, the terrors of an over-bearing administration are all too real. The introduction of queer characters into the narrative adds to a fictional society that closely mirrors our own.

With Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale underway, audiences can expect the series to take even more terrifying and cringe-worthy turns. Since Atwood’s book will only carry the series so far, it will be up to the crew to finish June’s story. Dowd’s character Aunt Lydia will be along for the ride too.

And what a ride it’s been! In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dowd spoke about what the win meant to her.

"It meant the world, quite honestly. You train yourself to say, 'Let's just keep the focus on the work, how fortunate we are to have the work,' which is the correct outlook to have," Dowd said. "But boy, to find out that I'm included in this conversation, there's just nothing quite like it. And when my name was called, in addition to the deep shock, which is legit, it was also, and I'm glad I remember exactly what this feeling was — I don’t know how one could ever forget — tremendous gratitude. Because so many work so hard all their lives."

Deep shock indeed! Dowd’s win as an Emmy highlight for sure.

The Handmaid’s Tale has become a point of excitement for both audiences and the cast and crew. According to Dowd, everyone’s excited!

"We love the work and the material and the people we work with. I wish I had a more original way of saying it, but everybody is full on. They’re good at their jobs, man," Dowd continued. "Going back to work right after the Emmys was a very good thing, putting our feet back on the ground where they belong. It was a tremendous way to begin season 2."

While the future might not be looking good for Offred right now, Dowd is looking forward to how the show is making it so that roles for women are changing.

"The world is opening up," she said. "Let's all get in there."

Hear, hear!

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