21 gorgeously simple ankle tattoos that you need to stare at

Whether you’re looking for ink inspiration, or just wanna scroll through some pretty tats, ankle tattoos have always been subtly mesmerizing. Check out some of these beautiful little tattoos.

1. A tea bag.

2. This cat staring at the moon.

4. A leeeettle acorn.

5. A rose.

6. A casual cactus.

7. A baby pineapple.

8. The moon.

9. This ankle tattoo is A-Okay.

10. A chill mermaid.

11. Oh hello, Totoro.

12. The Boy Who Lived!

13. A single ocean wave.

14. Constellations.

15. An adorably round teapot.

16. A whale! (Moby Dick?)

17. One for Ziggy Stardust.

18. Tiny wing.

19. A dandelion.

20. This airplane for those with wanderlust.

21. Teeny, tiny Eeyore, because it doesn’t get much cuter.