’90s kids rejoice! ‘Animorphs’ might soon be on the big screen

Are you a child of the ’90s with a fondness for YA stories and science fiction? If so, you probably read at least ONE of the 54 books in the Animorph series. After a strange alien race lands on earth, it’s up to a group of six friends human friends (and later, one alien) with animal-morphing abilities to save the day. If you loved the series, and actually read all of 54 of them, then here’s some GREAT news: Animorphs might soon be getting the movie treatment.

According to the Tracking Board, Universal is very interested in bringing K. A. Applegate’s Animorphs story to the big screen. This isn’t surprising at all, considering everything else from the nineties suddenly making another reappearance — TV shows getting rebooted, movies getting remakes and sequels, and don’t forget the the other upcoming ’90s movie based off a series of beloved books: Goosebumps.

Tracking Board believes that Universal sees huge potential with the upcoming Jack Black Goosebumps movie, and is looking to snag a book series of their own. Going with Animorphs gives them an endless amount of material for one movie, or even a few. It’s also got our inner ’90s kid PSYCHED.

Even if you didn’t read all 54 books, and the expanded “megamorph” books, too, you might remember the short-lived TV series on Nickelodeon. It lasted for two seasons, and though it was canceled, it gave us Shawn Ashmore who has gone on to appear in all the X-Men movies and Fox’s The Following. He played Jake, the leader of the Animorphs, who were tasked with saving the world before the evil mind-controlling Yeerks managed to take it over. And the Yeerks were the worst, because the looked like slugs and climbed in through your years and lived in your brain. They were no fun.

The project is still in very early stages of development, and Universal is just starting their search for writers, directors, and of course, stars. So that gives you plenty of time to go back and read every single Animorphs book. But you’re gonna want to, seeing as how they were riddled with hundreds of awesome ’90s references that are so, so dated today. But that just makes the series so much more amazing now.

(Image via Scholastic.)