These gorgeous anime-styled Disney Princesses are everything you didn’t know you wanted

It seems like everyday there’s new beautiful Disney fan art that comes our way. Whether they’re inspired by typical teenagers or arriving in the form of a fabulous makeup tutorial, we truly just can’t get enough Disney – and more specifically Disney princesses – in our lives. We particularly loved past homages like these brilliant, original photos a photographer took to transform her daughter into beloved Disney characters and also these super glam princess makeovers. And now, we have this super cool mashup of Disney princesses in the style of Japanese animation by talented illustrator Lärienne Chan.

Like Merida from Brave.

Rapunzel from Tangled.

And even Disney’s latest hero, Moana!

But we’re also loving this double image of Mulan.

And this magical split screen Ariel.

This Beauty and the Beast collage of scenes is just stunning.

Oh, and BONUS! Here’s a gorgeous Hermione piece too, because WHY NOT!?

We are seriously loving all these amazing leading ladies (real and animated) done in a super fun and gorgeous Japanese animation style! It’s pure magic.

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