These “Harry Potter” manga characters are accio cuteness

Know what we always need more of in life? Harry Potter stuff. Even better when it’s adorable Harry Potter stuff that you just want to squeeze tight because it’s so cute.

Warner Bros. Japan — location of a Wizarding World of Harry Potter, FYI — has just released some brand new designs for a line of upcoming HP merchandise. What makes this new merch new and exciting is that it’s a line of Harry Potter anime characters, stylized after the popular Japanese animation trend. You’ve never seen Harry, Ron, and Hermione like this before.


What can be deduced from the website (after some assistance from Google Translate) is that some of these items are actually already available for purchase RIGHT THIS SECOND. Most of the designs are, sadly, all sold out right now, unless you want to by a Ron, Lupin, or James clear plastic folder. But let’s be real, you want it, and will keep coming back to the site until you can collect them all.


For right now, it appears as if the only items that are currently available/will be available in the future are these folders (for your school work… or important business work), keychains and buttons. But, with the help of Warner Bros. licensing, expect more of these adorable little things to pop up. However, it might only be in Japan.

So… field trip?

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