Steven Spielberg is rebooting “Animaniacs” so block off our Sunday mornings from now until forever

Today is truly a great day for nostalgia: Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros are rebooting Animaniacs. Animaniacs was the highlight of Sunday morning cartoons, let’s be honest,  where it aired as part of Tiny Toons for most of the ’90s. Those of us who grew up in that time period def know and love the show so this is a pretty exciting prospect. We’re getting really spoiled lately with so many of our favorite childhood shows coming back for an encore, tbh.

Animaniacs joined Netflix’s streaming options lately, which gave the show a boost back into our ~collective consciousness~, especially when the core voice cast announced a tour.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about this tour — it was announced, bless, last year but we haven’t seen a whole lot about it since then, even though the idea of seeing the real Yakko, Wakko, and Dot singing their old tunes fills us with childlike glee.

Although it’s been announced that Amblin and Steven Spielberg are developing a reboot of the ’90s classic, it doesn’t have a home yet.

So it seems like they’re still in early stages. But since Netflix saw such success by adding it to their streaming collection, it seems like Netflix might be a good bet. Wherever this next version of our fave shows up, however, we’ll definitely be subscribing and tuning it eagerly. You hear that, TV gods? You have an audience, and we’re SO READY FOR THIS. Make it happen, thanks.

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