Hulu is reviving “Animaniacs,” and we’re having awesome Saturday morning flashbacks

HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS AND BY HATS WE MEAN FONDEST CHILDHOOD SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON MEMORIES. Because…the Animaniacs was just revived by Hulu with a *two-season order.* That’s TWO FULL SEASONS, guaranteed.

This is one of those reboots we all secretly hoped for, but given that your average Animaniacs junkie is now, like, an adult with a mortgage and a car and a vague idea of how taxes work, we dared not speak it aloud. It’s been 20 years — OMG — since Animaniacs ended its zany run on The WB. And we’ve missed the show so much.

Hulu also got the library rights for Animaniacs, so luckily you’re now able to stream all the old episodes to get back into it before the new seasons come out.

Under the same deal, Hulu also got the rights for Pinky and the Brain (and Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain.) So if you thought your nostalgia excitement quota was already met for the day, you were so wrong. This means Hulu offish has the entire Tiny Toons library available (!). If you were missing watching Saturday morning cartoons with your bowl of sugary cereal, you can totally recreate those days of yore yourself.

The new series will roll out sometime in 2020 as Hulu’s first push into family-friendly original content.

We’re sad we have to wait so long, but we’re so excited to have one of our favorite cartoons back in action. Steven Spielberg is already attached to produce, too. So we know that Wakko, Yakko, and Dot are in more than capable hands.

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