Watching animals work out is kind of like exercising, right?

It’s no secret that dogs are better than humans at so many things. They can typically hear better, see better, smell things better, dream better and love harder. They are fluffier, happier, have cuter noses, are more loyal than most humans and they’re a lot faster. Have you ever tried racing a dog? Did you win? Probably not, because dogs run for a living. Dogs are just better at physical fitness. Actually, animals in general are better at physical fitness. Mashable recently proved that in an amazing post that inspired us to do our own deep-dive into the world of animal exercising. And deep-dive we did. Pictures of animals working out is a thing.

As adorable as all of these animals are, they’re really just making me feel bad about sitting on my couch right now. So, BRB gonna go run a few miles. JK definitely gonna keep looking at pictures of cute animals working out.

Take a look at some dogs and other animals who are just better than us at working out (and we’re totally fine with it):

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