Animals wearing tiny hats are officially life’s greatest joy

I have a theory about life. It isn’t a complex theory and it isn’t a mathematical theory, but it’s still a pretty good theory.

What is the theory you ask? It’s quite simple really: looking at baby animals wearing hats fixes everything. No. EVERYTHING. This theory has been honed and developed over many years and through varying degrees of mental unrest. I’ve considered it when I’m brokenhearted, and I’ve pondered it while I’m stressed. I’ve debated it when I am at my I-want-to-break-everything angriest, and tested it when I am bloated-moody-and-suddenly-hate-my-body sad. I’ve even examined it when I am hulk-smash-hungry and willing-to-sleep-on-a-dirty-bus-floor sleepy, and it’s never let me down. I’ve now decided to spread this gospel and am gifting you with, yes, images of baby animals wearing hats. Since it’s flipping freezing outside, this will be a special winter edition of baby animals wearing hats to help melt your frozen heart. I hope these baby animals solve all your problems, or at least make you feel love feelings.

Exhibit A: This kitten who is definitely Slytherin House.

Exhibit B: This guinea pig in a yellow bonnet who just wants you to pass the crumpets and discuss Jane Austen.

Exhibit C: This beagle who is planning an arctic adventure and would like you to come along. Please come along? 

Exhibit D: This baby owl who laughs at all of your jokes because you are a HOOT.

Exhibit E: This pug who is way too excited for Thanksgiving.

Exhibit F: This classy squirrel who is READY to meet granny for a winter tea. 

Exhibit G: This kitty who lives every single week like it’s shark week. 

Exhibit H: This puppy who is the MOST bundled. 

Exhibit I: This delicate rat who knows what looks GOOD.  

Exhibit J: This lil’ buddy who is the readiest for a sleigh ride through pearls of snow.

Exhibit K: This hedgehog totally in a Love Actually mood.  

Exhibit L: And last but not least: this. Just this.

I rest my case.

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