12 perfect animals wearing Christmas outfits that are so much better than ours

When it comes to this festive season of spreading cheer, goodwill, and presents, it’s absolutely no fun if your pets don’t get in on the action too, which is your animal companion should be dressed to the nines for the holidays. Seriously, even if your beloved animal has been a huge jerk for the better part of this year, feel free to let Santa address their naughty behavior, but don’t leave ’em hanging when it comes to a festive ‘fit. C’mon, pet parents. You totally understand, right?

If you’re already prepared for National Dress Up Your Pet Day (January 14), then you’re probably already way ahead the rest of the crowd. If not, allow us to show you 12 animals with holiday outfits better than any human we’ve seen. Honestly, if these guys don’t convince you to make sure your animal looks as snazzy as you do for the holiday season, nothing will.

1This Shetland pony wearing a “foursie” and absolutely slaying the look:

2This dog obviously knows the importance of accessorizing:


3These guinea pigs make the cutest fashion tag team ever:


4Holiday twinning, ftw:

5We feel you, horsie. Sometimes less is more:


6This pair looks so comfortable in their holiday looks, they probably dressed themselves:

7Is this onesie available for adult humans? Asking for a friend:

8More proof that guinea pigs are killing the Christmas fashion game:

9Kitty is werking this look and no one can tell him otherwise:

10This doggie gets extra fashion cool points for matching the present:

11This turtle desperately needs a costume fitting, but we can totally see the vision:


12These dachsunds get it: