Because it’s Monday: Here are animals snuggling under blankets

We’re having one of those days where we just want to get all cozy under a big blanket and hide. Because it’s Monday and we’re humans with stuff to do, we have no choice but to live vicariously through the many, many pets on the Internet who are all snuggly and burrito-fied under covers. So that’s what we’re doing. Please, join us.

 This guy (actually his name’s Toast) has had quite the day. DOG = CONKED OUT.

Oh, hello in there. 

Just another 15 more hours of sleep and then he’ll totally get up.

Nope, nobody sees you. Great hiding spot.

This cat has successfully melted into the blanket. We want to go to there.

It’s not a blanket, it’s a dog ear, but whatever. 

This is a real thing that happened.

Dog burrito alert.

Just a blanket stuffed with cat

What heaven looks like

Hi! You’re tiny.

Shhh. Don’t tell this dog he’s not a human baby. 

Too precious. Make it stop. Brain can not comprehend.

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