These animals totally think they’re other animals—and we’re just fine with that

It turns out, humans aren’t the only species to suffer from identity crises. Dogs, cats and other members of the animal kingdom also get confused about who exactly they are on this planet. The big difference between them and us? They’re not exactly in crisis mode, they just BELIEVE they are other types of species. Case closed. And don’t try to convince them otherwise—because THERE IS NOTHING CUTER. See here:

This dog thinks he’s a cat. 

I mean, look at those neatly tucked-in paws, that perched position. Cat city.

This cat thinks he’s a goldfish.

So that’s a problem.

This cow thinks he’s a horse.

And we’re not convinced he isn’t.

This cat thinks she’s a penguin.

The whole black and white thing can be confusing.

This ferret thinks he’s a fish.

“Nothing to see here. Just a regular fish going on a regular swim.”

This tortoise thinks she’s a horse.

Also all her buddies are horses, too.

This owl that thinks he’s a bat.

“Keep it down. I’m sleeping.”

This dog thinks she’s a human

“Hiiii.. It’s muh birfdayyyy…”

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