These animals firmly believe you’re going to crush it this week

Sometimes the world can get you down. You’re stuck at work on a sunny days, you can’t get that last project quite right, or some friend drama might be going down. But you know who are the best and always supportive of your dreams and your future, no matter what kind of day you’re having? Animals. Yup. They think you’re completely awesome. If you’re having a rough day, don’t fret. Here is your animal picture pick-me-up, via…

These two fabulous dogs who firmly suggest you block out the hater rays.

These otters who want to show their unwavering support with kisses and snuggles

This bunny who is so stoked about your accomplishments she knows one high-five simply will not do and is preparing herself for the most adorable high-ten ever.

This giraffe who has also been told that she aims too high, and wants to let you know that the leaves at the top of the tree are worth the extra stretch.

This ferocious pup who will take down anyone who tries to stand in your way.

This mouse who knows that being true to yourself is the only way to live life right.

This sheep who has already started a victory dance party in your honor. 

These bassets who have places to go and people to see and seriously do not have time to be slowed down by doubt or short legs.

This teddy bear capturer who wants to tell you that sometimes the little guy wins.

This little guy who literally cannot believe you’re not already famous.

This panda pal who knows that falling down doesn’t make you any less fabulous.

These wee piggies who know it’s always better to take the chance and make a little mess

This brave cat who doesn’t let societal norms dictate how she lives her life. Yeah, she’s a cat who likes water. Deal with it.  

 And finally this stylish rabbit who is completely ready to join your entourage. Just say the word and she’s on your tour bus with snacks and glowsticks. 

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