And now, those animals who out-cuted everyone this year

The best part about Internet-famous animals is that they are super humble about being Internet-famous. Mainly because they are animals and they don’t understand Internet, but also because they are just that unpretentious. They are too busy living their adorable lives to be phased by their millions of adoring fans. 2014 was probably the biggest year yet for animals of the Internet, and we hope it doesn’t ever slow down, because we just can’t get enough of the smooshable, happy-making adorableness. Enough of this small talk: Please lay your eyes on the cutest animals of 2014. They win! They win everything!

The dog who learned to see again

We’ve all seen the post-surgery videos of kids and adults being ridiculously hilarious while still on anesthesia, but it really doesn’t get any better than Duffy, a formerly blind dog, seeing his family for the first time after having eye surgery. He doesn’t slur his words or confess his love for any celebrity, but he does melt our hearts.

The dog who taught us a valuable lesson.

Dogs are capable of teaching humans so many things, even if it’s unintentional.

The dog who really, really likes Frozen.

“Let it Go” is still a huge hit, you guys. Especially with this guy.

The cat with her own talk show (yeah you, Lil Bub)

Lil Bub is one of the most famous cats on the Internet, and she is so grounded and cool about it. She even has her own talk show, and it’s the cutest talk show in the history of talk shows (no offense, Ricki Lake).

The cat who can’t wait to see her daddy

This cat is so excited for her soldier dad to walk in the door, but is still super coy about it. Because she’s a cat.

The cow who chills on the living room floor like he’s a dog

A little girl lies about letting a cow into the house, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s all too cute to remember that cows don’t belong in houses.

The sea otter in a FREAKING SWADDLE

Watch as this sea otter pup rescue plays in water for the first time. You’ll want to watch it forever!

The tiny puppy who likes napping with a human baby. AHHHH.

Sometimes puppies want to nap, and sometimes they want to nap with a baby to really drive home the cuteness.

The dog who dresses like a teddy bear

Even though teddy bear dogs aren’t real, this costume, worn by Munchkin the dog during his workout, may be the cutest thing in the entire world.

The goat and donkey besties

Mr. G the goat was rescued from a terrible animal hoarding situation and taken to an animal sanctuary. He was depressed and refused to eat until he was reunited with his bestie, Jellybean the donkey. So many feelings are felt in this video, and we absolutely love it.

The baby elephant who’s a little wobbly

A baby elephant falls over and her entire family immediately runs over to rescue her. Is it too late to be born into an elephant family?

Humphrey J Hedgehog. Nuf said.

Humphrey J Hedgehog is a hedgehog who does yoga, swims and sunbathes. Obviously.

The panda who thinks snow is made of magic. 

This panda teaches us all an important lesson about snow — it exists for playtime.

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