Just a bunch of animals being super-kind to each other (because today is all about kindness!)

Since it’s Random Acts of Kindness Day, we just want to take a quick sec to make a shoutout to all those humans who bring out the best of us. The people who make us feel warm and wanted and smart, even if they don’t need to do those things. The friends and acquaintances who make us feel like we can conquer the world (or at least the day). Because without random (or not-so-random) acts of kindness and compassion, we would all be total wrecks.

And in the spirit of this happy day, we found some animals who truly embody the spirit of kindness and friendship. First off, we have this dog and owl who caught our complete attention. Photographed by German photographer Tanja Brandt, these buddies just love one another’s company and doing everything from hanging out in baskets to reading a good book. See for yourself!

But the animal kingdom is vast and surprisingly friendly, so here are some more wonderful friendships that make our hearts feel good:

All Images via Bored Panda

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