An animal shelter in Indiana is recruiting Pokémon Go players to help walk their dogs

There’s nothing better than combining your new favorite interactive video game app and doing a good deed for an adorable dog. At least that’s what Muncie Animal Shelter director Phil Peckinpaugh figured when he saw a bunch of people wandering around while playing everybody’s new obsession Pokémon Go.

He realized that his shelter dogs needed to get walks and people were already out walking, so why not combine the two?

The response to his post has been huge.

Not only are Peckinpaugh and his furry friends getting a ton of visitors, they’re also getting a ton of publicity. And, based on the pure brilliance of this idea alone, it’s totally understandable.

ICYMI (or haven’t started playing yet… which you soon will for sure) there’s a lot of benefits in Pokémon Go that come from just walking around. You get to hatch eggs and hunt for unique Pokémon (while, of course, getting some fresh air).

And the fact that there are lots of shelter dogs who are patiently waiting for their forever homes who would love to join along in the happy hunt means that this is literally a match made in Poké-heaven.


Hopefully this Indiana shelter (and their stroke of genius) will inspire others to hop on the trend. It’d be mutually beneficial to Pokémon trainers and dog aficionados alike. Not to mention it’ll help bring more awareness to the dogs in the shelter and they’ll make for great mood-boosting buddies if that stubborn Rhyhorn swats away several of your Poké Balls before you’re finally able to catch him.