Wildlife conservationists show you the Kama Sutra like you’ve never seen before

Images below are cartoons but may be NSFW

Experts have been doing everything they can to help save endangered species, but there’s nothing like some good old animal Kama Sutra to get them in the mood to repopulate. That’s the thinking behind Endangered Love, a brand created a line of Kama Sutra illustrations back in April based on rhinos, pandas, gorillas, and sloths getting it on in the name of conservation.


Positions like “Log Roller” and “Horned Embrace” are hilariously illustrated and can be purchased on everything from posters to throw pillows to iPhone cases through Society 6.  Proceeds will benefit conservation organizations through the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, an annual film festival in New York and Beijing whose mission is to “inform, engage and inspire audiences about the need for and importance of the protection of global biodiversity.”

Here are some of our favorites from the collections — Panda Sutra, Gorilla Sutra, Sloth Sutra and Rhino Sutra!

According to this Panda Sutra clock, it’s always sexytime:


Nothing sends you sweetly off to sleep than the image of two sloths mid-coitus:


Make sure everyone you see knows exactly how much you care about the well-being of animals by broadcasting their most sacred of rituals on your phone case and tote bag:



While these animal Kama Sutra goodies are somewhat goofy, the issue they stand for is a hella important one. According to the World Wildlife Fund, there are 20,170 white rhinos, a little over 5,000 black rhinos, 1,800 giant pandas, and 200 to 300 cross river gorillas left on earth. These numbers will continue to drop if serious conservation efforts aren’t made and the best way to ensure that these animals have healthy lives in safe environments is to give money to places like WCFF who will pass it on to the places who can do the most good with it. Saving animals and getting hilarious swag in return? Win-win.

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