Angelina Jolie’s new Everlane tote is the bag every fashion girl is going to ~need~ this spring

Angelina Jolie gets the old less is more adage. And Jolie’s new white tote is proof of that. While galavanting through Los Angeles International Airport this weekend with her kiddos in tow, she debuted what is ~bound~ to be the sleekest, chicest new handbag of the season. It’s cool, it’s understated, and it’s what every fashionista is going to need in her wardrobe rotation starting now.

The glossy white tote bag is the perfect size to carry everything a girl may (or may not) need at all times—wallet, two pairs of sunglasses, 12 tubes of lipstick, random change of shoes, a lengthy novel, $5 in loose change — and the strap length is perfectly suited for any occasion. All things added up, this basically equals the perfect, quintessential spring handbag.

The Italian leather bag comes from one of Angelina’s (and our) favorites, Everlane, which specializes in a direct-to-consumer model that shaves off a health portion of the price for any item. Because at first glance, $365 isn’t the most bargainista-friendly price for this Petra Market tote. But compared to the $1,300 it would fetch with traditional retail markup, it’s practically a steal.


All things in perspective, folks.


Now, for those of us who can’t quite squeeze out $350+ for a handbag just yet, this super similar Etsy option (below) is a healthy alternative at a sliver of the price tag for $108.


As the living definition of sleek, Angelina is obviously a trendsetting star who knows a beautiful handbag when she sees one. So if this is her pick for spring’s new it-bag, consider us on board!

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