Angelina Jolie shows her kids how to cook and eat bugs, because she’s the most badass mom

She’s known for being a total badass in a lot of her movie roles (remember that one time she killed a whole room of people with just one bullet in Wanted?), but Angelina Jolie has proved time and time again that she’s just as much of a badass in real life. She’s a hands-on mom of six beautiful kids, she’s undergone surgeries to prevent being diagnosed with cancer, and she recently endured a very public divorce with grace and poise. And now? She’s eating tarantulas and scorpions and taking names. Badass.

In a recent trip to Cambodia, where she’s filming a movie called First They Killed My Father, Angelina took a break from being behind the camera to have a little snack with her kids. Yalda Hakim from BBC joined in on the fun.

“See the hard part where you have the teeth?” Angelina instructs her kids. “Take the fangs out.” BBC’s Yalda asked if she’d done this before, and Angelina coolly answered, “Yeah.” She explained that bugs have always been a part of the Cambodian diet, but there’s also the fact that, during times of war, people learned to survive off this kind of cuisine.

"You start with crickets. Crickets and a beer," Angelina says. "And then you kind of move up to tarantulas."

She cooks up a feast of tarantulas and scorpions like it’s a perfectly normal dinner, and then she hands a plate to 10-year-old Shiloh and asks, “You want to share a spider?” She jumps right in without any hesitation. The 8-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, nod in approval and say the bugs taste like “flavorless chips.” Guess we could live with that.

The Jolie-Pitt clan looks like they’ve been enjoying Cambodia, which Angelina says is like a second home to her since she’s been going there for 17 years. After that many years of eating bugs, she’s bound to be a professional.

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