We Just Got a Sneak Peek of Angelina Jolie’s Platinum Blonde Hair in ‘Eternals’

It's just a glimpse, but it's enough to prove she looks fire!

We are eternally in love with Angelina Jolie‘s blonde hair. In June 2019, we got the first glimpse of the actress and her long blonde locks on the set filming Marvel’s The Eternals where she’s playing Thena. Now we’re getting an official inside look at Jolie fully immersed in the Marvel Universe in the Eternals trailer that Marvel shared May 3rd.

While she has lived in the Disney world for the last few years playing Maleficent in the films, even winning, “Favorite Villain” in 2015 at the Kids’ Choice Awards, Jolie might be our new favorite hero as she leaves the Disney world behind for now and enters into the Marvel Universe.

We are so beyond ready for this—though we’ll have to wait until November to see the movie. Anyway! Blonde Angelina!

Angelina Jolie in 'Eternals'

In September 2019, Jolie was asked by MTV News why this role and project was the right one that convinced her to enter into the Marvel Universe.

“Well, I think what they’ve been doing with the Marvel Universe is amazing and I’ve been following it and there’s nothing like it out there today and so, I’m really excited to be a part of the family,” she said. “And I think Kevin [Feige] is a genius, and I think Chloé [Zhao] is a really, really strong director and is a very unique director coming into this at this time. And I love the diversity of this cast. And I think that’s gonna bring something special and different, and I’m excited about Thena. I think it’s a good challenge.”

Cast of Marvel's "Eternals"

Jolie is no stranger to blonde hair. For Girl Interrupted in 1999, she debuted blonde hair, and again in 2015 for By the Sea, which she starred in opposite ex Brad Pitt. Jolie is also very familiar with taking on action-packed roles. Her portfolio consists of films like Salt, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. To say that she’s right at home in an ass-kicking role would be an understatement.

We can’t wait to see what kind of stunts she pulls off in this film—but we will have to wait just a little. Eternals comes out November 5th.

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