This photo of Angelina Jolie as a child at the 1986 Academy Awards is ICONIC

Is there anything more iconic than Angelina Jolie as a child at the 1986 Academy Awards?! Before the days of couture dresses dominating the red carpet, mini Hollywood royalty rocked backcombed hair and voluminous dresses. Seriously what a time to be alive!

Before Jolie was perfecting her one leg poses on the red carpet, she was just a ten-year-old supporting her father. Although we are aware that Angelina Jolie has an impressive resume, we sometimes forget that she is major Hollywood royalty. Back in 1986, ten-year-old Jolie accompanied her brother and father to the 58th annual Academy Awards, where Jon Voight was nominated for the third time. Although she made her acting debut at the young age of seven, she would not seriously delve into acting until her teens.


This video of her being interviewed on the carpet is even better.

Voight did not win an Oscar that night, but Jolie wins an honorary award for her Madonna-inspired white lace dress. We would like to think she was giving a nod to the Like a Virgin singer, due to the fact that Madonna’s hit single premiered two years prior.

If we had just one question, although it’s super cliche, we are DYING to know who Angelina Jolie was wearing. We wish we had fashion sense like that when we were a kid!

Who would have thought that adorable little girl would become this red carpet siren?


Yas kween.

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