Angelina Jolie offered to help catch a warlord by taking him to dinner

We wouldn’t be surprised if news broke that Angelina Jolie is actually an international spy fronting as a Hollywood actress. In fact, according to the U.K.’s The Sunday Times, Jolie offered to catch the infamous Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony in a honeytrap. In 2005, the International Criminal Court indicted Kony for war crimes by the International Criminal Court for abducting children to become child soldiers and sex slaves.

In leaked ICC documents, Jolie was seemingly in cahoots with Luis Moreno Ocampo, the former ICC chief prosecutor. Moreno Ocampo wanted to devise a plan with Jolie’s help to lure Kony out of hiding.

Once out in the open, Kony would be arrested.

Such leaked documents contained email receipts between Moreno Ocampo and Jolie. "Forget other celebrities, she is the one," Moreno Ocampo wrote in an email. "She loves [sic] to arrest Kony. She is ready. Probably Brad will go also."

At the height on the Kony search, Jolie spoke out about her extreme outrage over Kony’s actions. Being an United Nations Special Envoy, according to, Jolie told Nightline in 2010 that she would want to “take down” Kony if placed in a room with him.

Moreno Ocampo wanted to place Jolie and husband Brad Pitt in the Central African Republic near Kony’s encampment. It was actually Jolie’s plan to invite Kony to a private dinner where, unbeknownst to Kony, U.S. Special Forces soldiers would capture him.

When the plan was in the works, Jolie wrote to Moreno Ocampo, "Brad is being supportive. Let’s discuss logistics. Much love Xxx."

What she meant was, “Mr. Smith is being supportive. Much love, Mrs. Smith.”

The plan was never put into action, and Jolie has not responded to requests for comments. Regardless, Jolie is already a hero for her humanitarian work, so super special dinner op or not, we’re impressed and inspired.

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