Angelia Jolie’s kids all wore yellow flowers to her movie premiere for this touching reason

When Angelina Jolie walks the red carpet, it’s a family affair. All six of Jolie’s kids wore yellow flowers to the premiere of her new movie First They Killed My Father. But why? Knowing the actress, the symbol had to mean something. And it does.

Though Jolie is still navigating her split from Brad Pitt, father to her children, she still manages to show up strong and ready for anything. Bringing her kids to a premiere is not surprising for Jolie. But the reason behind the yellow flowers is so touching.

The kids all donned plumerias, which symbolize positivity.

Many people believe that plumerias represent new life and new beginnings. They’re also used to celebrate special occasions. Different cultures have slightly different takes on exactly what the flower represents, but the overlap is similar.

Plumerias represent life and birth.


It’s no wonder the family chose to don the beautiful flowers. Promoting positivity is something the Jolie-Pitt clan has always been about. Representing rebirth makes sense considering the huge life changes in their family as of late. All of the kids chose to pin their yellow flowers to their jackets except for Jolie and Zahara, who gorgeously tied theirs in their hair.

Jolie and the family are, as always, absolutely stunning. The famous mom also told E! on the red carpet how important it was to have her kids on set with her.

"All the kids were on set. Everybody was on set. I can’t be a parent and have my kids around and not be sharing this creative life with them," she said. "It’s their choice how much they want to be in it, but I just love sharing experiences with them. And this one obviously was very important."

We are so happy to see the family together and happy. What pillars of strength these kids (and their mother!) have always been.

Watch First They Killed My Father to support Jolie and her son Maddox, who was an executive producer on the film. (At his age? Why not.) It’s streaming now streaming on Netflix!

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