Angela Kinsey’s husband made “South Park”-inspired Dwight and Angela cookies, and they are the perfect holiday treats for “The Office” fans

If you like The Office and cookies (and really, who DOESN’T LIKE those things?) you’re about to get the holiday treat of your life.

Angela Kinsey, aka Angela from The Office, just announced the coolest idea for a cooking show ever on her Instagram. The premise: Her (incredibly cute) husband bakes Office-inspired cookies while Angela shares behind-the-scenes stories for fans of the hit TV show.

Yeah, we’re blown away too.

Kinsey’s husband Josh (who runs the YouTube Channel Baking with Josh) made Little Drummer Boy cookies with South Park-inspired Dwight and Angela cartoons doodled onto them.

Because really, you can’t fit too many pop culture references onto a Christmas cookie, am I right?

As it happens, Josh is an extremely talented cookie decorator. His snoopy cookie seriously belongs in a cookie museum, if we do say so ourselves.

Here is the Dwangela Cookie episode!!!

Anyone else think they should make a The Office cooking show a regular thing?

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