Angela Kinsey loves Barb from “Stranger Things” as much as the rest of us

Take a deep breath, because your favorite shows are about to powerfully merge.

This is no-nonsense accountant, Angela, from The Office, the workplace mockumentary series that left a Dundie-sized hole in our hearts when it ended.


And this is Barb from Stranger Things, everybody’s favorite best friend in that little ’80s sci-fi inspired Netflix series that nobody can stop talking about.


Stranger Things is undoubtedly the biggest thing to happen on the small screen this summer, and Barb, portrayed flawlessly by Shannon Purser, has turned into the Internet’s sweetheart — regardless of her character’s minimal screen time.

Angela Kinsey, who played accountant Angela on The Office, obviously recognizes the perfection that is Barb and her fashion forward spectacles, because look at the gift we received this morning:

Kinsey’s caption reads:

“Just a regular Thursday night of me pretending to be Barb. #weareallbarb”

The glasses, the textbook, the locker lean — Angela is providing a perfect re-creation.

We are all Barb, indeed.

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