Angela Bassett is launching a skin-care line specifically for people with dark skin

The skin-care, fashion, and beauty industries are notoriously not so great about being inclusive for people of color. The word “nude” is notoriously used for people with white/lighter skin tones, it’s way easier to find makeup if you’re not a person of color, and models (and even celebrities!) are sometimes not treated very well on set. However, there are a lot of great people trying to change that — and Angela Bassett is one of them.

She’s recently teamed up with Dr. Barbara Sturm, a friend of hers who is also a well-known skincare expert, to work on a skin-care line that will address issues that typically affect people with darker skin tones. Apparently, Bassett has dealt with her own skin issues in the past, and she’s searched (as many of us have!) for answers her whole life.

She used Dr. Sturm’s original line, but those with darker skin often have certain skin issues (such as hyperpigmentation) that the original line didn’t quite address, and the two talked about creating a line together that might target these issues and more.

Now, after a lot of research and testing, the line (which contains five items and runs from $58 to $335) will soon be available. The main goals of the products are to reduce pore size, reduce inflammation, even skin tone, and even out hyperpigmentation. Bassett and Sturm also want to bring awareness to the importance of skin-care in general, and to the fact that using good ingredients translates to feeling good when you look in the mirror.

We think this is wonderful, and there need to be more products available for all people, with all different types of skin tones (and the pesky problems that come with being human). This new line will be available in July, exclusively through Harrod’s in stores and online.