This beauty brand created an exfoliant for your bum, and the name is just as cheeky

Summer is rapidly approaching and let’s just say certain parts of your body are about to get way more sun than it’s used to.

The self-proclaimed “sassiest skin care in the galaxy” brand anese, has an exfoliant created specifically for your butt and it’s not your average sugar scrub. (No shade.)

With a name like “That Booty Tho” we were already sold on pure Instagram-ability, but looking at the ingredients, this product sounds pretty legit. That Booty Tho ($28, here) is packed with jojoba and rosehip oil to repair skin, vitamin E for dryness, and walnut shell powder to exfoliate.

The site recommends using two fingers worth of product and massage in circular motions. (Not sure if that’s per cheek, might depend on the size of your cakes lol.)

Speaking of cheekiness, anese has way more feisty skin care products.

Get into their So Over It gentle facial exfoliant with pineapple and papaya enzymes. Snag it here for $22.

Fans of The Bachelor and ya know, roses in general, will be into anese’s Will You Accept This Rose, hydrating body and hair elixir, $26.

Its a blend of rose water, roe oil, and aloe vera. Mmmmmm.

There’s a Fuck Bad Vibes elixir for $26 designed to fight dry skin with aloe vera, rosewater, glycerin to attract and seal in moisture, with an almond and sandalwood scent.

Part skin care, part makeup, anese’s Swipe Right illuminating skin balm, $38, leaves a silvery hue on skin

All of anese skincare is responsibly sourced, cruelty free, and designed to be gentle on skin. Shop the entire insta-friendly line, here.