Aww, Andy Samberg just gushed about how much he loves his “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” family

Andy Samberg has come a long way from his Saturday Night Live debut in 2005. The comedian and his troupe, The Lonely Island, have been credited with the success of SNL‘s digital shorts. He acted in several hilarious movies (hey, Hot Rod). And somewhere along the way, he turned into a producer/writer/actor powerhouse.

As a result, Samberg’s current Fox show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will air its fifth season in the fall. Recently, in an interview with Vulture about his new film Tour de Pharmacy, Samberg took a moment to reflect on the show’s success. And the things he had to say about the cast and crew are very adorable.

“Everyone scores.”

"Yes, right from the beginning there was this weird thing where the cast all just decided to be friends, like, right out of the gate. [Laughs.] I’d say I could describe every person in the cast where they were like, “Yeah, this is exactly what I want to be doing. It was really good timing for everybody in that way, and everyone comedically does something different so everyone has their own land and can co-exist and everyone scores. It’s just — it’s a dream job."

Seems like a pretty good set up. Samberg also weighed in on how long he might keep doing the show.

"It’s all been very knee-jerk and just following my intuition on it because it’s just great people. I think it’s turned into something I really enjoy doing and creatively I’m very proud of and everyone who I work with there is super-nice. I know this sounds like a very political way of talking about it, but it’s very easy because it’s just real."

If you like Samberg’s humor, you’ll definitely love Tour de Pharmacy. It’s an HBO mockumentary about sports doping in cycling. The absurdly star-studded cast included Orlando Bloom, Daveed Diggs, and Maya Rudolph. Therefore, we know it is probably absurdly funny.

"The look of cycling we felt was funny if you got the right people doing it. John Cena in spandex on a tiny bicycle is a funny image, and that was one of places we started," he said of the film.

We hope Samberg keeps making these types of interesting, weird projects until the end of time. Never stop never-stopping!

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