Andy Samberg confirms that, yes, everyone at the Golden Globes is drunk and not paying attention

Awards shows have a reputation for glamor and sophistication—designer looks, elite celebrity guests, and an abundance of diamonds. However, the Golden Globes have always struck viewers as a little, well, different. Viewers at home often notice that the audience seems a tad more…unruly…than at many similar industry events. And 2019 Golden Globes cohost Andy Samberg has just confirmed that, yes, basically everyone at the Golden Globes is not paying attention.

In a January 8th appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Samberg said, “The thing that I think is maybe starting to read even more on TV now is that the audience is not watching the show.”

He continued: "It's like there are two things happening: There's a big awards show happening, and then right next to it is a really loud restaurant filled with celebrities." He went on to straight up declare, "They [the celebrities] do not care about the show."

Fallon (who has also hosted the show) piped in with, “It’s just people drinking and eating.”

Because the show is live, Samberg also noted there’s little the hosts can do about the rowdy behavior (however, he did specifically give a shout-out to actor Rami Malek for being literally one of the only audience members to at least try to pay attention).

Basically, it sounds like the Golden Globes ceremony wins the award for most entertaining awards season night. We have serious FOMO.

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