Andy Samberg revealed details about Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s upcoming #MeToo episode

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is officially back. After the cop comedy was canceled and then miraculously saved by NBC, Season 6 finally premiered last night, January 10th. And in an interview ahead of the new episode, Andy Samberg (aka Jake Peralta) opened up about what we can expect this season—including more details about the upcoming #MeToo-inspired episode. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Samberg said that two previous Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, which centered on racial profiling and Rosa coming out as bisexual, paved the way for the show to approach #MeToo.

"If we hadn’t done episodes in the past like 'Moo Moo' and 'Game Night,' I don’t think we would have tried this, because obviously this is incredibly sensitive stuff, and sadly, really prevalent and talked about a lot right now, which is both good and bad," he told EW. "Good in that it’s getting talked about and bad that it has to be talked about, to clarify. I don’t know that I would describe myself as excited about it so much as along for the ride."

EW writer Dan Snierson noted that the show’s co-creator, Dan Goor, said the #MeToo episode will focus on a case in the finance industry that Jake and Amy are working on. Samberg provided more details, noting that it was written by staff writer Lang Fisher and directed by none other than Rosa Diaz herself, Stephanie Beatriz. He also acknowledged that the episode is “much more Amy’s story,” and that the recently promoted sergeant will drive most of the episode’s action.

Samberg added that he felt it was a “privilege” to work on the episode.

"For me, it was more just a privilege to see all of them working, and hearing their takes on all of it, and trying to just learn, honestly," he said.

Aside from the #MeToo moment, this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine promises to be an eventful one. After a first episode that finally revealed if Captain Holt was elected police commissioner or not, Season 6 will go on to feature Gina Linetti’s departure from the 99th precinct and, of course, plenty of Die Hard references.

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