Andy Samberg wants the entire cast of This Is Us to guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine now that they’re on the same network

Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine rejoiced upon hearing that NBC was picking the show up after its recent FOX cancelation. And perhaps no one was as happy as star Andy Samberg, who has some big ideas for the show now that it’s on a new network. For one: Maybe the entire cast of NBC’s This Is Us can drop by for an episode.

In a red carpet interview with at NBC’s Upfronts, Samberg referred to the network switch-up as “a Christmas miracle.” Then, when asked if there’s any particular cameos he’d like to see on the show in the upcoming season, he quickly responded with, “the entire cast of This Is Us.

And featuring the This Is Us cast isn’t even all that crazy. Sterling K. Brown already appeared on an ep this past April (“The Box”).

"I’m going to say something controversial, I think Sterling is good at acting," Samberg joked to ET. "Keep your eyes peeled for that guy. He is going to be doing stuff."

The star also clarified that he doesn’t expect too much to change creatively with the change of network.

"I don’t think we are going to change it too much," he said. "I believe we are able to do bleeps and blurs now, so I’m looking forward to doing that. It’s basically everything I did at SNL."

Even if it’s not possible to get the entire This Is Us cast, we’ll happily take a Milo or Chrissy — or heck even just another appearance from Sterling. It’d be the perfect way to help welcome Samberg and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew to their new home.

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