Andy Cohen posts most epic throwback photo with Hillary Clinton and they look like babies!

Tonight is going to be a historic US election evening no matter which way you slice it, in the same way that this election has been nearly unprecedented in how incredibly divisive it has been. But some people have been supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidency for even longer than you might think.

This morning, Andy Cohen, a talk show host, took to Instagram to voice his long-time support for Hillary Clinton.

First of all, we LOVE LOVE LOVE any and all pictures of baby Hillary Clinton. She’s just been in the public eye for so long it almost feels like seeing the yearbook photo of a relative. Really, though, she looks PRESH. And it’s so nice that she’s had the support of some people for so long.

Since tonight we’ll find out if Hillary Clinton will be our next president, it’s an especially crucial time for people in the public eye to make their opinions known — it’s the last opportunity to persuade people who are on the fence to change their minds, and fingers crossed, seeing Andy Cohen support HRC for so long might have an impact.

But hey — whatever your political leanings, make sure you get out and vote, y’hear? Because if you don’t, nobody’s going to hear you.

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