Oh, just Lauren Graham and Andy Cohen acting out ‘Gilmore Girls’

What’s that? You want MORE Gilmore Girls? Ask, and you shall receive, my friends. The Gilmore Girls world domination tour continues, and its latest stop takes Lauren Graham to Watch What Happens Live. While she’s without her other Gilmore Girls comrades, she’s got Andy Cohen who is more than willing and ready to step into the role of Rory.

For Cohen’s latest rendition of Clubhouse Playhouse—WWWL’s play-acting segment—he and Graham reenact a scene from Gilmore Girls season 1 episode 9. And for those who aren’t walking, talking encyclopedias of Gilmore Girls episodes, it’s the one where Rory takes Dean to the dance at Chilton and she’s nervous because she’s not sure if she and Dean are actually “boyfriend-girlfriend,” but then they kiss, and Rory feels so much better, and THEN they bail on the dance early, walk around Stars Hallow, find Miss Patty’s dance studio unlocked, go inside to check it out, and end up falling asleep together in the middle of the floor. And breathe. But this means Rory’s stayed out all night, and Lorelai assumes the worst, and her and Rory have a huge fight.

That fight scene is what Graham and Cohen re-create. Still talking a mile a minute, Graham slips right back into her role as an over-protective mom, while Cohen does a little too much eye-rolling and hair twirling to be a very convincing Rory. But, you know what? We’ll take any Gilmore Girls we can get. Check out the video below to relive that fateful Lorelai and Rory fight.

Now check out the OG version for comparison:

TBH, they’re both pretty amazing in their own way.

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(Images via Bravo, Youtube)